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Choosing the IROAD DASH CAM X10 dash cam

UHD 4K+1080P DUAL-CHANNEL RECORDING for IROAD dash cam for car front and rear

The IROAD X10 Dash Cam comes with dash cam front and rear latest 8-Megapixel resolution image sensor and captures ultra-high resolution 4K video at a 165 degree wide angle.

SONY Exmor image for best dash cam front and rear sensor applied to IROAD X10 Rear Camera has greatly improved the quality of the enhanced image and the night rove dash cam illumination has more vivid colors in Full HD images and it ensures excellent night time images.

H.265 provides much greater flexibility for parallel encode / decode processing video. This enhanced parallel processing capability allows Ultra High Definition (UHD) 4K videos to be allows for further reduce file size of video stream and to compress image more efficiently. dash cam, dash cam movie, 360 dash cam installation near me and best buy dash cam the same recording time, you can experience 4 times bigger and better image quality than H.264

IROAD X10 can widely record blind spots with the 165 ° front and 145 ° rear camera or front and rear dash cam. See the 4K UHD image with a 165 ° wide view angle!


IROAD Time lapse supports continuous recording at 1fps in parking mode. It allows memory saving in a way to continue up to 30 times more than other dash camera. Also, it prevents the recorded files from being lost due to insufficient memory space. best front and rear dash cam and car dash cam is optimized for efficient memory usage.

ROAD Time Lapse finds optimized memory capacity and provides extremely longer recording time than normal parking mode. It guarantees vehicle protection and restored video footage. IROAD wireless dash cam, dash cam reviews Time Lapse automatically gets into the mode by 1fps while parking and 10fps if there is any impacts or movements.

It will automatically start an event recording when a motion and impact are detected within the vehicle during both parking and driving mode. dash cam for cars truck dash cam Event files are kept separately both PC viewer and Mobile App

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