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INTERIOR infrared dashcam for TaxiUberLyft

iroad dashcam 111.png
iroad dashcam 112.png

INTERIOR infrared dashcam for X10-2CH, X9-2CH, X5-2CH

iroad dashcam 113.png


Built for interior recording even in extreme
poor-lit situations.

Typical auto dash cams are normallv built for recording only outside of the vehicle
But as the number of ride-sharing users increases, the satety concern or inside cabin has
become more critical. The IROAD IR cameras with bullt-in intrared LEDs allow our users to satelv record not only the outside of the vehicle, but also the inside even it the In-cabin area has low light conditions
Owning an In dashcam is becoming more necessary for taxi drivers as well. They need to be
prepared to record potential incidents Inside the vehicle and anything around the vehicle all the time
They may not need it but when they do, an I dashcam will be a litesavina tool

Compatible with

iroad dashcam 114.png
IROAD X10 for IR CaM
iroad dashcam 115.png
IROAD X9 for IR Cam
iroad dashcam 116.png
IROAD X5for IR Cam


iroad dashcam 117.png
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